Meet the Milton® Industrial Jackhammer Air Hose

Meet the Milton® Industrial Jackhammer Air Hose

The construction, mining, and agriculture industries require products that can stand up to the most demanding jobs under the harshest of conditions. That’s why Milton®, the leader in pneumatic tools and accessories, offers a made in the U.S.A. industrial grade synthetic rubber jackhammer hose. Jackhammer hose failure on the job creates danger onsite, downtime leading to project inefficiencies, and reduced profitability. Let’s answer some questions that will help you understand why you should ask for the Milton® Industrial Jackhammer Air Hose. 

Designed to perform in severe environments where extreme temperatures and oil contamination are present, the Milton® Industrial 50’ Jackhammer Rubber Hose is ideal for road and bridge construction, mining, and any application in which heavy duty air operated tools and machinery are in use. The hose is constructed from EPDM rubber, a high-density synthetic rubber that is ideal for outdoor applications for various work environments. This jack hammer hose comes fitted with a ¾” ID universal coupler secured by crimped steel ferrules.

Milton®’s Jackhammer Air Hose is a superior product compared to many competitive products. It is a quality tested product that’s proudly made in the U.S.A. In addition, this hose has C classification from the Rubber Manufacturers Association, which means it has a superior volume exchange maximum and tensile strength retention than those which are not tested and manufactured to this specification. 

Product Features:

  • Synthetic rubber tube covered with 4 spiral layered texture for strength. 
  • Resistant to heat, aging, chemicals and ozone. 
  • Durable steel 3/4” ID universal (Chicago) coupler is made from high quality hardened steel and secured by crimped steel ferrules.
  • Maximum Pressure: 300 PSI
  • (RMS) class C rating
  • Temperature range of -65 F° to 180 F°
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Remains flexible even at -45F°

This is not your average air hose. If you want an American made jackhammer air hose that you can count on to perform even in the most severe environments, look no further than the Milton® Industrial 50’ Jackhammer Air Hose. 

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