Featuring the Milton® S-211 Coupler and Plug Kit

Featuring the Milton® S-211 Coupler and Plug Kit

The Milton® S-211 M-Style™ KWIK-CHANGE® ¼” NPT Coupler and Plug Kit provides you with an assortment of plugs and one female coupler. This kit is perfect for those who have multiple tools to make sure that you are installing the appropriate plug to your tools for proper fit for the coupler.

This kit features couplers and plugs with a ¼” flow size, a common size for commercial industries such as automotive, industrial, and farm & agriculture. This measurement refers to the volume of air that the plug or coupler can handle. A National Pipe Tapered (NPT) thread is a type of thread on a coupler or plug that creates a tighter seal for pneumatic and hydraulic uses. With the NPT style couplers and plugs in this kit from Milton®, you can be sure that air won’t leak on the job.

Make sure that all your tools have the correct plug for the coupler you are using by purchasing this kit. Using the correct plug for your coupler will ensure that you get the maximum air flow to your tools. It is cost effective to purchase this kit instead of buying these couplers and plugs individually. M-Style™ Milton® KWIK-CHANGE® Coupler and plugs are manufactured to comply with military dimensional requirements of military specification MIL-C-4109 too.

We invite you to visit our website so that you can see the entire assortment of Milton® products. You will also be able to view this M-Style™ KWIK-CHANGE® Coupler and Plug Kit by visiting our website at www.miltonindustries.com.

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