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Milton® Deluxe Micro Filter/Regulator Duo Systems

Milton® Deluxe Micro Filter/Regulator Duo Systems

Part #: P_DUO

Milton® Duo Filter, regulator (FR) compressed air systems are used to deliver clean air, and at a fixed pressure (if needed) to ensure proper pneumatic component operation and increase their operation lifetime. The air supplied by compressors is often times contaminated, over pressurized, and non-lubricated meaning that an FR unit is required to prevent damage to equipment.

Duo systems are ideal for use with pneumatic tools and equipment. That require clean air to be delivered to your facility or workplace, compliance to ISO, OSHA, ASHRA or other air quality standards, and want to improve the service life, safety and reliability of your air system.

• Filters remove water, dirt and other harmful debris from an air system. This is often the first step in improving the air quality.
• Regulators adjust and control the air pressure of a system to ensure that down-line components do not exceed their maximum operating pressures. This is the second step in the FRL system.

Part # Air Flow (SCFM) Air Inlet (NPT) Material Max Pressure Filter Bowl Capacity Micron Size Price Add to Cart
75 SCFM3/8"Polycarbonate150 PSI5 oz40 Micron Bronze Sintered$185.38

Part #


Air Flow (SCFM)


Air Inlet (NPT)




Max Pressure

150 PSI

Filter Bowl Capacity

5 oz

Micron Size

40 Micron Bronze Sintered